Big Brew – National Home Brew Day

Home Brewers!

  1. Start by creating a account.
  2.  Pick one table.  Only half a table per person.  ONLY one reservation per person.    This reserves your spot only.  There are two spots per table. A and B
  3. Admission of  $5.00 cash gets your one day membership into the KGB club and the festival glass.   A list of brewers will be at the Security admission table, please check in before Noon.

You can brew. You are entitled to 5 gallons of wort. donated by Motor City Malting. And some hops.

Bring a bucket to the Kuhnhenn Brewing cubetainer to get the wort. look for a trailer.

The target original gravity of Motor City pale malt wort is 1.060

Specialty malt is available at Motor City Malting’s table. For purchase.

Home brewers can give out 1 to 2 ounce samples. Of your home brew.  This is to of age people only. Never serve anyone that shows signs of intoxication. Of Age checked persons will have a wrist band on.

WIN WIN WIN. Bring jars or containers to accept the votes for each beer you want to enter into the contest for best home brew.  Peoples choice.  Votes will be a special bottle cap they drop in your jars.    One jar per beer you dispense, you can not combine jars.

Home brewers  can start brewing and setup as soon as 10 A.M

You must supply all your equipment to brew and serve.

We have potable water hoses around the pavilion.

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