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I was just wondering about with competition, I had seen a homebrewer could get a table and hand out there beer but there wasn’t really a big list of rules as I seen just wondering if there was more literature on it. As I read it says I could get a table and serve my beer in 1 to 2 oz samples and have jars to be judged if I want and bring the beer in any way I see fit. I only ask because I’m very interested and would love to do this but don’t have a jockey box so I couldn’t bring kegs I would have to either can or bottle my beer and serve it like that, also do you have to brew also or no. Then I seen it said 1 person to a table didn’t know if my spouse could be with me, and lastly is there a limit on how much beer or how many one could bring also could one bring stickers to hand out.
You are welcome to bring bottles.  In order to win you will need votes.
If I remember correctly from counting the votes last year,  the winner had about 120 votes.  That would be about two gallons of beer if every one voted for that  beer that sampled it. We know this is not the case.  So most people bring about 5 gallons of each beer.  You don’t want to run out mid festival and not get any more votes.  
There is plenty of space bring your wife.  the tables are long like 8′.   
You are not required to brew on site you can take the wort home. but it sour quickly if not used,  the wort is boiled the night before and cooled to 40F.  
Left over wort goes back to the brewery.  
Bring any type of home made beer, mead or wine. there is no limit. 
bring anything you want to hand out. 
  Clubs are encouraged to sell memberships!

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This is our first time as a home brewers at this event. We were wondering how does brewing the same difference work? Do we get the Wort and hops ahead of time in order to let it ferment? Or is it just brew onsite and submit it later? We’d love to brew that day, but we’re not sure how this works at the event.


1.Big Brew is for Home brewers to brew and give out samples of beer. Bring as many and as much as you wish.
2.There is a peoples choice contest on the best home brew. The public will vote with a special bottle cap on their favorite beer at each table.
3. The” same difference” is the Microbrew competition for a beer made special for the festival by the microbrewers in the festival. The people will vote at the tap trailers with a special golf tee. This year we decided to rename the beer to the “Best Brew Belt”
4. The free wort/ hops- beer made at the festival is not a competition, It serves as demonstration to the public, to share with other clubs information and incentive for you to come to the festival. The beer is yours to keep and do with as you please. The Kuhnhenn Guild of brewers shared quite a few at a meeting a couple of months after the Festival. The big thing is that the Malt and hops are 100% Michigan grown ingredients. You will need to bring yeast. Here is a link to yeast that is indigenous to Michigan.


As a home brewer, are we allowed to accept donations / tips? We have items to give away to promote our home brewery but if we can accept donations, we have a lot of free items we’d love to offer to promote us.

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